The Times They Are A Changing

"Come mothers and fathers Throughout the land And don’t criticize What you can’t understand Your sons and your daughters Are beyond your command Your old road is rapidly agin’ Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand For the times they are a-changin’" Bob Dylan.  1964 Wow.  Do you think… Continue reading The Times They Are A Changing

You Are Tougher Than You Think

  Have you ever felt like you were losing your mind?  Like...losing your flipping mind!!   Shortly after my first child was born, I found myself back in the work place.  I had just taken 6 glorious weeks to be home with my newborn baby.  We rocked.  We ate.  I sang.  He cried.  We walked. … Continue reading You Are Tougher Than You Think

Dry Bones

What once was alive, is now dead.   Ponder that for a moment.   Maybe it describes you.   rebirth, regeneration, rejuvenation, renewal, reutilization, resurrection...revival. Do you long for these things?   "...I will put breath in you, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the Lord.’” Ezekiel 37:6b… Continue reading Dry Bones

Shutting the Door on Unnecessary Guilt

I was recently explaining to my husband why I had spent money on a purchase for our home “just because” in a tone that screamed “I KNOW I SHOULDN’T SPEND THIS MONEY!”. My husband shook his head, clearly upset that I felt like I had to justify why I would splurge on myself.  I think what he… Continue reading Shutting the Door on Unnecessary Guilt

Where There’s a Problem, There’s A Solution

"Don't complain unless you have a solution!" Have you ever heard this before?   I have. I heard it growing up at home.  I heard it in the work place.  I’ve spoken it to my own children.   Don’t you hate it when someone has used up their energy griping and complaining about someone or… Continue reading Where There’s a Problem, There’s A Solution

Come…Drink Up

"Lord, I feel like a wash cloth that has been soaked in vinegar and wrung out and twisted in an attempt to dry me completely and after being wrung out, I feel like I've been tossed to the side to dry up stiff as a board."   This was my journal entry recently.  My first… Continue reading Come…Drink Up

Keeping Up With God-The Strain Is Always Worth It!

In my lifetime, there are things that I've asked the Lord for and have had to wait to see them come to pass.  Not just wait a few days or even weeks or months, but years.  YEARS PEOPLE!!   When I've prayed for something for so long and it finally happens, sometimes I just don't know what… Continue reading Keeping Up With God-The Strain Is Always Worth It!

What To Do When We Have More Questions Than Answers

When I sit and think of all of the ways that God has blessed me, I always think about the people in my life. Relationships. Over the past 26+ years of our married lives, men and women, and even children, have waltzed into our paths and grabbed hold of our hearts in a deep, rich… Continue reading What To Do When We Have More Questions Than Answers