Fasten Your Seatbelt!

When my children were young, and we were in parking lots, I had them hold my hand as we walked. It’s just what a parent does.  But, on occasion, one of my children (who shall remain nameless but has the initials ttj) would wriggle his hand out of mine and bolt across the lane.  As he would attempt his escape, I would yell (yes, this is an appropriate time to yell at your children!) for him to stop and catch up to him real quick.  I’d place his hand back into mine and off we’d go.  He was safer with me, he just didn’t know it yet.

Some things in life take the passing of time and the gaining of wisdom to realize that there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about things. There’s a way that may look more enjoyable, maybe easier or more exciting in the temporary, but in the end is truly not in our best interest.


When the laws changed in Georgia requiring drivers to wear their seat belts, I felt the rebel in me puff up. I’m a rule follower, but I don’t always like being told what to do (who really does?).  There were times, and as much as I don’t like admitting it, there still are, that I would purposely not put it on because it was “stupid”.  Some people have actually been trapped by those belts in an accident and it didn’t end well!  Those stories are few and far between, but I held onto them when the law passed.

As I grew older, and more mature, I realized that if I was going down the interstate at 80 mph and was in an accident, my belt had better be on. It would not end pretty if it was not!  I realized over time, that I would be safer following the law, and so I began to obey it.

It’s only by God’s grace and mercy that I was given chance after chance to follow the law.



If there are instructions and guidance available before we make a decision, why wouldn’t we consult that?  Why wouldn’t we want to find out what the best way to proceed would be and do that thing which is more likely to bring success?


“23 but I gave them this command: Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you.”

Jeremiah 7:23

Go well with you…Go well with me…hhmmmmm.

Accepted, alright, fine, good, nicely, respectably, satisfactory, sufficiently…these are all synonyms to the word well.
So if we do things God’s way, we will be His people and it will go well with us?  Yes.
There will be trouble in this life, but if we have a heart that follows after God, the thread that will weave through our story will be one of goodness..satisfaction…acceptance…it will be well.  It will be ok.
Wearing my seatbelt will not prevent me from ever being in a car accident, but having it on will lessen the chances of serious injury or even death in the event of one.
Holding my hand as a child didn’t fully prevent my son from falling down or being injured, but it lessened his chances of getting hurt.
Obedience to God will not take away our temptation to do things our own way or follow after someone else who seems to have it all together, but He has our best interest in mind when He tells us to do things His way.
He makes a promise to us, and He is a promise keeper.
His mercies are new every single day.
Let’s hit the restart button if we’ve started down a road based on our own agenda.
Make a U-turn.
With our head held high and a smile on our face knowing that we serve a God who is loving, kind, merciful, forgiving and has our best interest in mind, let’s dial it back.
And when we are at a cross road, let’s seek His direction before we act, not using Him as a last resort, but as our authority on what’s best to begin with.
Seek His wisdom through His word.
Ask Him for understanding.
Follow His lead.
It will go well for you…not my words…but His.

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