Where There’s a Problem, There’s A Solution

“Don’t complain unless you have a solution!”

Have you ever heard this before?


I have. I heard it growing up at home.  I heard it in the work place.  I’ve spoken it to my own children.


Don’t you hate it when someone has used up their energy griping and complaining about someone or something, and once they vent it, they have no solution. No possible resolution in mind?  There are only negative words just lingering in the air.  Stale.


What should be done about it? What can we do?


Unfortunately, we can’t control what someone else will do or say. As much as that would satisfy our human nature to grab hold of someone’s tongue…we just can’t go there.


What we can do is look in the mirror, and start with ourselves.


Fortunately, our God didn’t just tell us what not to do in His word, He instructed us in what to do.


For instance…


“6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Phil. 4: 6-7 NIV


Do not…but instead…and as a result…



No need to break it down, read it again, it’s self explanatory!


However, personally, that whole “do not be anxious about anything” part is much easier said than done. Much.  That’s why we can’t stop there.  We have to keep reading.


 Do you see it? How cool is God that when He tells us not to do something, he wraps it up with telling us what to do instead?


When I catch myself worrying, like habitually worrying,…honestly, I might put on a little Michael Jackson and distract myself with a little dance party.  I can get in my car, roll down the windows, crank up the tunes…music is good for the soul.

In between songs, I can direct my thoughts with something like this:


Truth…God loves me unconditionally, He wants what’s best for me

Noble…My husband is well respected, and I’m blessed to call him “mine”

Right…God is just, I can trust Him, it’s not what He does, it’s who He is

Pure…falling snow, newborn babies 🙂

Lovely…It’s springtime, the flowers are blooming with magnificent color

Admirable…Who do I admire right now? What are they inspiring me to do?

I’ve been guilty of telling others “stop worrying”, “stop stressing”, “you can’t think that way”…and I’ve been there myself (and I’m sure will be there again). Sometimes bad things just happen and it can be overwhelming.


But God…


He gives us a way out. A child can do this.  It is attainable.  But, it does require some discipline on our part.  It’s that whole “take captive every thought” thing.


Since we can’t control those around us, let’s ask ourselves, do we enjoy sleepless nights? Headaches?  Body aches?  Ulcers?  Do we enjoy having people ask us how we are?  Are we alright? What’s wrong?


These are hard questions, but I think we have to go there.


Then go to His word.


Then put it into practice.


Then put on a little MJ (or whatever gets you moving).


Then go and be a blessing to someone else!


It would be one thing if we were racked with worry and anxiety and there was no way to move past it.  It’s another when we are given such clear instructions on how to deal with it.


Now that is what I would call excellent and praiseworthy, wouldn’t you?


Over the next few weeks, I’ll come to you with a few more examples in the Word where we are instructed to not do this but instead do that.  A problem partnered with a solution.


Where do you feel stuck?  I’d love some feedback (either here or privately) and I’ll see what I can find.   I’m not the expert, He is.


What scripture do you go to when you need help moving past a situation?  Comment below and you just might be a blessing to someone else reading.


Blessings to you all,







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