When Grief Tries to Steal Our Joy

I read somewhere long ago that you begin letting your children go at the moment they’re born.Shocking right?It didn’t take long after hearing that to begin to understand what it meant. It’s an attitude of the heart mamas. A big picture view of what is now, and what is coming. Prepare early. I’m serious.This Christmas… Continue reading When Grief Tries to Steal Our Joy


Hang Tight Mama!

Knots in my stomach. Constant urge to step in. Trouble focusing. All of these things paired with nights of waking up every hour just to roll over are symptoms of watching my children struggle. As young teens navigating their social lives and body changes, it was inevitable that my children would experience friendship issues. Finding… Continue reading Hang Tight Mama!

Casting Our Cares When They Feel Too Heavy to Lift

There are parts of motherhood that do not get talked about often.  We post cute pictures on Instagram and share precious moments on Facebook that everyone wants to see.  And that’s fine.  But as with any job, motherhood can be difficult.  As our children age, the job description stays the same, but the practical application… Continue reading Casting Our Cares When They Feel Too Heavy to Lift

Sometimes Our Weariness is a Precursor for a Miracle

Have you ever needed rest so badly that you stepped away from the noise, only to find someone else standing there, needing only what you can provide? Mama of littles whose husband travels for work, who needs just one uninterrupted night of sleep. The pastor who is interrupted while preparing Sunday’s sermon to counsel a… Continue reading Sometimes Our Weariness is a Precursor for a Miracle

For the One Trying to Find Their Place Amongst All the Shouting

I have fallen into the cracks during this season.  As the masses have gathered to chant over and against anyone who doesn't agree with them, I have felt caught in the middle.  And the middle contains the great divide.  A hairline fracture just big enough to swallow me up. Keeping me quiet.The division has been… Continue reading For the One Trying to Find Their Place Amongst All the Shouting