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God’s Word has been a fountain of gracious love and purpose He has poured into me for most of my life. I love to see women consider this gift, pick up the cup He offers and gulp it down. Each word I write I pray offers a helping of this living water to all who read.

I went on a blind date 30 years ago and it worked out pretty great! My husband and I have two grown children and our first grandchild recently arrived. We live in Loganville, Georgia, I work a job, work in women’s ministry and I write. I’ve written a devotional, Simple Faith, that’s available on Amazon.  Hop over to my SHOP page for a link.

 I’m pulling out a chair for you and putting your favorite drink on the table (mine would be creamer with a little bit of coffee).  What are you waiting for?  Get signed up so you’ll know when I’ve shared something new, and let me know who YOU are.  I’d love to hear some of YOUR stories.  


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  1. Hi Kellie, I saw your comment today on the P31 website which was what brought me to your blog. You’ve got some good stuff here which I look forward to reading more of. 🙂


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