Be Easy On Yourself

  I was recently talking with a friend and she said something that resonated deeply with me.   We were talking about goals and dreams and what may be out in front of us that we want to attain.  We were talking about how to get to those places and how sometimes we have to… Continue reading Be Easy On Yourself

Just Go Home

    Our son was around the age of 4.  Sitting in the shopping cart in our local Walmart, long legs dangling, as he smiled and spoke to every single person within ear shot.  Yes, he was friendly then and he is friendly now at 22.   After hearing him politely ask over and over… Continue reading Just Go Home

What Does Sweetness Feel Like?

Recently I attended a weekend away with one of my closest friends and about 158 other women I did not know.  Mealtime was full of wonderful foods prepared by in house chefs and large round tables where we sat and ate family style.  The introvert in me could have easily sat off at a table… Continue reading What Does Sweetness Feel Like?

Lay It Down and Let It Out

 Regret.  Shame.  Guilt. These are just a few emotions that I've felt throughout my life.  Even into adulthood. I remember a day so vividly when I was a young mom.  We lived in a home with two staircases.  When you walked in the front door, you either went up 8 or 10 stairs, or you… Continue reading Lay It Down and Let It Out

Do You Need A Do Over?

What's on my heart and in my head this week are do overs. New chances.  Proceed.  Revive.   Re start.  Verbs. I know that New Year's resolutions are cheesy and unrealistic so I don't usually participate.  I do however, see nothing wrong with using the beginning of the New Year to evaluate life and all that… Continue reading Do You Need A Do Over?