What Does Sweetness Feel Like?


Recently I attended a weekend away with one of my closest friends and about 158 other women I did not know.  Mealtime was full of wonderful foods prepared by in house chefs and large round tables where we sat and ate family style.  The introvert in me could have easily sat off at a table on my own.  Just me and my friend.  But, that’s not what this weekend was about.  Every time we broke bread with a new table of smiling, beautiful women, I walked away having learned something new or having been encouraged in some way.


One meal in particular, I met a really special lady (I’ll call her Meredith).  Her big eyes just sucked me in as she smiled and asked me about myself over and over again.  She didn’t want to talk about her life.  She wanted to get to know me.  Where was I from, what was my story, what was my family dynamic etc. etc. etc.  She knew how to make you feel special.  She never turned the conversation to herself.  Not once.


Until…her grown daughter sitting with her began to share with us that her mom was a recent breast cancer survivor.  She had been to hell and back.  Surgeries.  Lymphnodes.  Double mastectomy.  Chemotherapy.  Radiation.  And yet here she was, smiling, hair back in place, healthy, putting the spotlight on me and my friend.  So selfless.  So full of life.


Once her daughter spilled the beans, we turned to Meredith and smiled and she smiled back.  She shook her head yes, confirming what her daughter had shared, looked down at her lap, then back up to me, rubbed her hands across the table, and then she said…”God is so sweet.  So.  Sweet”.  Not the reaction most would expect.




I love that word.


Since I’m a word nerd I looked it up.  The definition wasn’t too impressive, maybe because we already know what it means, but the words listed in Merriam Webster related to sweet bring a deeper meaning.


Related to sweet

When Meredith used that word to describe God, it took me back to some of the times in my own life when I’ve used that word to describe Him.  It encapsulates many feelings and emotions…too many to list.
Surprisingly, those times that came to mind weren’t necessarily the “good times” in life.  They’ve typically been when life is a bear.  Schedules are full.  I have unanswered questions.  I’m worried about my kids.  I’m battling my own thoughts of fear or having a crisis of low self confidence (everyone does, right?).  Times when He has shown me mercy or He has revealed something to me that He didn’t have to.  Moments where I’ve been corrected gently, nudged with His strong, chivalrous hand back into the lane paved just for me.  Moments where the fears of the unknown are trying to take over my  thoughts to the point of physical illness.  He swoops in to bring me peace and contentment.  To remind me I am not alone.
Like when my husband comes home and hands me a sweet coffee or a donut (we don’t do flowers, I like donuts lol), he is being sweet.  He knows what I need and just when I need it.  God is sensitive to us in that way too.
“What do you prefer? Shall I come to you with a rod of discipline, or shall I come in love and with a gentle spirit?”
1 Corinthians 4:21
Are you sensitive to the sweetness of God?  Did you know that He is gentle, loving, kind, compassionate?
Or, have you only heard about the fire and brimstone, the wrath, the anger, the “you must perform this way in order to be my child” gospel?
God is well rounded.  That perfect father that you’ve always longed for here on earth, He is that.  He fills that gap.  Some of you may have a bigger space than others to be filled, but no one has a perfect earthly dad.  If you are in a relationship with Him, He is your perfect Father.  Which means that being gentle and sweet is part of his make-up.
Those words above that are related to sweet…He feels that way about you and me.  Go back up and read them.
Did you know that?  Isn’t that sweet?  Ponder it.  Let that soak in.  If you’re reading this, I believe He wants to remind you of this.
He is Abba, Father.
And He is sweet.
Have a blessed day,



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