For the One Trying to Find Their Place Amongst All the Shouting

I have fallen into the cracks during this season.  As the masses have gathered to chant over and against anyone who doesn’t agree with them, I have felt caught in the middle.  And the middle contains the great divide.  A hairline fracture just big enough to swallow me up. Keeping me quiet.

The division has been loud.  It’s unavoidable.  My head tells me what side I should be on and that freedom isn’t free. And it will take fighting and standing up to those who disagree with me to make a difference.

After all, if I don’t choose a side, I am destined to land in the crack, having been pushed and pressed for so long.


According to my faith, that’s simply not true.

We are not called to pick sides and shout our affiliations and opinions to all who will hear.  Whatever happened to the day we held our political opinions to ourselves?

I’ve been reading how Jesus responded to those who didn’t agree with him, with those who wished Him dead…and it was an unpopular choice.

Jesus spent time getting to know His opposers.  He took meals with them.  He engaged respectfully, sharing truth, and leaving them to their own decisions.

But the truth He shared wasn’t about their temporary circumstances.  The truth He dropped was about eternity.  Their souls.  The part of their lives that would live beyond ever knowing if they were right to argue their rules and opinions.

This division.  This arguing.  This digging in of heels and camping out in our own gut felt, to the core opinions could be history making.  Could be impactful on generations to come.

But believers, are our shouts hemmed in with the love letter that this life is temporary and in the end, what matters is our soul?

Are my opinions propped up with the truth that Christ doesn’t promise that the righteous will triumph here in this temporary home.  Are the words I share causing others to consider who Jesus is, or are they a distraction that merely rouse emotion and purpose for a brief season?  Am I spending time with those who hold different views than me, holding intelligent conversations, all while keeping the status of their souls in mind?

These are the questions I’m asking myself in this history making moment.  And I’m concluding that these are the things that matter.  And I could be doing a better job.

If you’ve felt as if you were falling in the cracks, I’m right with you.  And I believe we may be the whispering majority.  Not silent, but cautiously quiet.

My friends who know Jesus and speak boldly and respectfully into our current situation, we need you.  Keep reading your Bible, the only true source of reliable information, and lead us well.

And my friends standing in the crack with me, will you help me pray for Godly leadership in this season? We need them…and they need us.

I believe our purpose is great here in the middle. With arms stretched wide from right to left, may we draw attention to anyone who doesn’t know Christ. May we be a welcoming bridge leading all to consider eternity.

Final thought for those in the gap with me. We cannot know if we are listening to Biblical wisdom if we ourselves are not reading our Bibles.  So fact check.  Study.   Ultimately, we are responsible for our own actions, no matter who we listen to.



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