Sometimes Our Weariness is a Precursor for a Miracle

Have you ever needed rest so badly that you stepped away from the noise, only to find someone else standing there, needing only what you can provide?

Mama of littles whose husband travels for work, who needs just one uninterrupted night of sleep.

The pastor who is interrupted while preparing Sunday’s sermon to counsel a hurting church member.

The sister who is tired but still takes the midnight call to help a friend.

Front line worker working long shifts on your feet tending to patient after patient.

Reading through the gospels, you’ll find a miracle mentioned by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It’s the feeding of the 5,000 men (women and children were also present). Easily, over 10,000 people were fed that day with only two fish and five loaves of bread.

I never noticed until this week that this gathering, this crowd, appeared while Jesus and His disciples were looking to get some rest. You see, their ministry had kept them so busy, they had not had time on their own to eat and recharge.

What’s your ministry right now? What has you so tired?

Jesus sees them weary and says “…“come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”” (Mark 6).

It’s while they are stepping away to catch their breath that the multitude of people show up.

It was here after they had poured out all they had, in their exhaustion, in their search for a little food and rest, that Jesus invites them to be part of a miracle.

*When miracles are in the making, Jesus sees beyond our arguments.

As evening came, and the people grew hungry, the disciples asked Jesus to dismiss the crowd. To send them home for supper on their own. Ever suggested to Jesus how things should go down in your own interruptions? Thankfully, He is working for our good. Jesus said no, “You give them something to eat”. A miracle was coming.

*When miracles are in the making, He’ll instruct us with our part.

Not only did Jesus use His disciples to feed the crowd, He told them how to do it. The disciples listened to Jesus and did as they were told. A miracle was coming.

*When miracles are in the making, our abilities are insignificant but our willingness is essential.

Sometimes, when we are just far enough at the end of our frayed rope, Jesus steps in, often in a way we never would have chosen. Perhaps it’s when we’ve only got one hand hanging on for dear life, that Jesus can take our empty hand and do something we could never have fathomed.

Perhaps it’s here, when our stomachs are empty and our minds are weary and worn, that a miracle can happen.

Are you tired? Are you weary?

Seek out some rest. Make time for Jesus. But, if you find yourself hanging on to the end of your rope, don’t be surprised if you look up and see someone who needs what only you can provide. Miracles often show up when we least expect them to.

I’m praying for many today who are weary. At the end of their rope.

Hang on.

A miracle may be coming.




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