I’m Sorry About Your Marriage…

This is hard stuff.   It seems that every circle I am in, someone's marriage is in a slow crumble.  Every.  Circle.   Some married for a short time, others for years.  Some without children, others with kids.  Some young, some older.   When we are preparing to marry we dream BIG!!   Those dreams… Continue reading I’m Sorry About Your Marriage…

Finding Hope In the Hallway

We've all stood in the proverbial hallway.  Waiting on doors to open.  Not knowing which door to choose.  Putting our hand on the handle only to find that it's locked.  Listening to what's going on behind closed doors, trying to discern if that's our cue to move on or move in. Waiting...waiting...waiting...  Crickets. What do… Continue reading Finding Hope In the Hallway

Be Kind To Yourself

Jesus told a lot of stories using agricultural references to make His points so that people could easily relate. He talked about soil. He talked about planting seeds. He talked about watering. He talked about being rooted. He talked about pruning. He talked about harvesting.   We talk a lot about planting seeds into the… Continue reading Be Kind To Yourself

What Does It Mean To Be Broken?

"We are broken" "Bring your brokenness to Him" "Come all who are broken" "In my brokenness, I can ______________" I see these statements a lot lately. We don't like to think about it, we don't like admitting it, but it's the truth.  We aren't just imperfect people, we are broken people.  We have cracks.  We… Continue reading What Does It Mean To Be Broken?

You Are Tougher Than You Think

  Have you ever felt like you were losing your mind?  Like...losing your flipping mind!!   Shortly after my first child was born, I found myself back in the work place.  I had just taken 6 glorious weeks to be home with my newborn baby.  We rocked.  We ate.  I sang.  He cried.  We walked. … Continue reading You Are Tougher Than You Think

Keeping Up With God-The Strain Is Always Worth It!

In my lifetime, there are things that I've asked the Lord for and have had to wait to see them come to pass.  Not just wait a few days or even weeks or months, but years.  YEARS PEOPLE!!   When I've prayed for something for so long and it finally happens, sometimes I just don't know what… Continue reading Keeping Up With God-The Strain Is Always Worth It!