Making Time to Wrestle

Have you ever wrestled with your own thoughts? Like, played devil’s advocate with yourself over a decision or a conviction…to the point you feel like you’ve been in an actual wrestling match? Yeah, me too. In fact, I’ve been rolling a few things over in my head and heart recently that are frankly, tiring me out.

All the sweat and hard drives to the ground and backpedaling from exhaustion and then full-on frontal attacks can be good. After all, Jacob wrestled with God in the Old Testament. There was a beginning, There was an end. And it resulted in great encouragement for Jacob’s future.

It also came with an injury.

Blessing and pain. They often travel together. And we have to be okay with that.

This weekend I’m getting away to the mountains of North Georgia with some pretty great women. We’ll shop and laugh and eat some great food. We’ll sit around a campfire and roast marshmallows and swap stories of friendship and family. And I will make the time to step onto the mat once again. I’m looking for the conclusion to some of my grappling.

But, here’s what I know. My playbook holds truth.  The truth. Along with examples of how to wrestle my way to the truth.

Though my feelings are valid, they won’t always guide me toward the best outcome. They will betray me if I look to them for guidance. They’re fleeting. They’re unpredictable. They’re temporary.

God is not.

Are you wrestling with something today? Are you wrestling with someone?

Stick it out friend. Plant your feet in God’s word. Listen to what He says. Tune out the cheering section in your head that is enjoying the drama that often accompanies a good fight.

I’m rooting you on from a distance. There is an end in sight. And rest assured, the blessings will always outweigh any lingering pain when the match has been Biblically resolved.



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