To the One Who Did Some Soul Searching While Quarantined

When hard things happen, there are many ways to cope. One of the most predominant reactions is…well…not to. We can either get so busy we don’t leave room in our brain to spend time processing our experience, or, we make ourselves busy…so we don’t have to spend time processing our experience.

Amid stay-at-home orders and business shut-downs, the weight of the quiet has pulled the scales of balance down for many, bringing the things we’ve kept hidden and buried for so long up to the surface.

Sometimes, what we carry has been pushed so deep under the noise of activity that it curls up, rolls over, and begins to slumber. Other hard things that weigh us down seem to constantly keep us bristled. Like mice scurrying in a basement, they won’t keep still and quiet. Just when we think we’ve dealt with them for the final time, we hear them making noise again. Our anxiety builds as we fear they will draw glances from those around us. And we wouldn’t want that.

Those things that have been buried for so long.

Unforgiveness. Bitterness. Unanswered questions. Disappointments. Grief. Regret. All of it.

Make Space

If we are to continually “be transformed” as Paul tells us in the New Testament, we have to give ourselves the space to process and grow. And in order to invite new things in, we must make time to clean out the things that no longer serve us.

Just like a dusty old basement cannot be converted into a beautiful oasis until it’s been cleaned of its clutter, we cannot transform if we are not willing to let go of the old, heavy baggage we’ve carried for so long.

And sometimes you just have to turn on some praise music, grab your broom, and determine to get your house in order.

That’s what this season of quarantine has been good for. It has served as a time of cleansing for many.

Do the Work

As those dusty, dirty furnishings that have been sitting in the basement of our hearts for so long rise up, they’ll cause us to choke and cough. To have runny noses and tear-filled eyes. But, once those things have been dealt with, once they’ve been placed into our Father’s hands, we’ll begin to feel lighter. Refreshed. And the space we’ve opened in our hearts and minds will have room to breathe. Its dusty corners will benefit from the fresh air that now blows in.

It’s there, in that new space, that re-claimed piece of your heart, those new beginnings will take place. New dreams will be dreamt. And a beautiful future can be birthed.

Take a Breath

So, if this season of being forced to stay home alone has prompted you to process old wounds and face the heavy things you’ve been carrying for so long, you may be tired.

Just. Plain. Tired. And it’s ok.

Take heart. In doing the work, you’re inviting in a fresh start. A lighter cadence. A space with endless possibilities. God will honor your work and He’s been with you all along.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
Psalms 34:18 NIV

You are brave dear one.

Give yourself some grace and swing wide the door to your newly refreshed space. God will work, and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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