What Are You Afraid Of?


I’m hopeful.  I’m confident in my future.  I’m honestly not afraid.  For myself.

Most of my social media “friends” share common values with me.  That’s just how it goes, right?  While there are a handful of peeps that I disagree with politically or others who use the flowery language I stopped using years ago, like most people, I tend to gravitate towards those I would enjoy doing life with.

BUT…I don’t live in a bubble, and frankly, I don’t believe my faith dictates that I do.  In fact Jesus’ example was pretty clear to step from my comfort zone and approach all people with open arms.  Even if we don’t see eye to eye.  Maybe even because we don’t see eye to eye.

I’ve seen lots of posts this week about COVID-19 and because the majority of my online friends share the same faith I do, I’ve seen lots of encouragement and scripture as I’ve scrolled.

And I LOVE it!  It’s what we should do and I have been and will continue to do it myself.

However, I know people are scared.  I know people are struggling.

If you are a believer in Jesus as I am, you know that the enemy does some of his best work when we are isolated from others who share our faith.

That’s why your local church leaders and pastors are so burdened for you right now.

The Bible tells us “do not fear”…but fear is a natural reaction and we are human.  It’s how we handle our fears that tells the story of who we really are.

I believe admitting when we’re scared isn’t a testament to weak faith but rather an expression of our need for comfort and encouragement.  And if we will use these opportunities to lean into God just a little closer, He’ll show us more of Himself and teach us a more about who we are.

What’s going on in your space of quarantine?  What’s going on in your heart?

How can we pray for each other?

Here is a safe place if you would like to share.

We all have something that is lingering in our minds about the unknowns of this season.  And yes, it is a season.  It will pass.

So tell me, what are you afraid of?

I vow to say a prayer for you and help in the coming days to combat those fears with scripture and a little laughter (there are some great memes floating around right now!).

So don’t hold it in.

Bringing our fears to light oftentimes removes any power they have over us.

If you have concerns that are weighing you down about all of this, drop them in the comments below.  Release them.  Leave them there.  Then, follow it up with something your thankful for today…because there is always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

I’ll start.  Ready…go!


2 thoughts on “What Are You Afraid Of?”

  1. I’m thankful for you today Kellie Johnson.🙏🏻 What a perfectly beautiful respite from so much concern and negativity! You nailed it through the power of the Holy Spirit living and moving in and through you! I too am concerned for my aging loved ones, as well as others who are at risk from this attack of Satan! BUT GOD, He’s STILL God and on His throne, and in COMPLETE control. That is where I’m placing my trust! I know He is faithful! I know He turns ALL THINGS FOR GOOD!👏🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻✝️ I love you girlfriend! Thank you for sharing your God-filled heart!❤️


  2. I’m concerned for the older folks in my own family. I’m feeling pretty protective of them right now! Thankfully, we are able to stay close and help out as we need to to limit their exposure to others. I know God’s got it all!


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