When One Act of Kindness Ripples Out of Sight

rippled water

After a four hour drive, getting settled into our hotel room and locating a restaurant within walking distance, my friend and I finally settled into a booth to get some dinner. We had been gifted tickets to see a popular Christian speaker and spend the night in a nice hotel before our day of soaking in all Jesus had for us at the conference. As much as I was looking forward to our time away, singing praises with 1,000’s of other women and learning from someone I consider to be at the top of God’s “Women Who Will Impact My Kingdom” list, my biggest take away from that weekend happened in that little restaurant within our first hour of being in town.

Our waitress was an adorable young woman who while hospitable, also seemed a bit distracted. I commented to my friend that she sounded like she had just woke up and could use a little caffeine.

As she approached our table for a second time, her large, brown eyes were filled to the brim with tears. She held her pencil and pad out to take our order but apologized as she took in a deep breath. Clearly emotional, she asked us to be patient with her. It took her a minute to gather her thoughts.

We asked her if she was okay.
And boy…was she.

She pointed to a table across the room where two young men sat in a booth. They were chatting quietly, seemingly minding their own business.
Turns out, they were about the business of someone else.

Moments before her second trip to our table, those men were about to ask God to bless their food. As our waitress delivered their order, they asked if she would like them to pray for her or any needs she might have.
So simple.
But this gal was shook from head to toe over it. Turns out, no one had ever asked her if they could pray for her.
She told us that anytime someone wants to remind Jesus that she is “down here”, she’ll take all the help she can get.

With that simple act from those men, she knew someone cared. And that Jesus sees. And we will never know where the ripple effect of that one gesture will splash.
The truth is, we never know what someone else is going through. What they are carrying. What they may be facing when they leave their jobs to go home. And we can’t assume everyone in our influence already knows about the unconditional love available to them through a relationship with Jesus.

I was challenged. I was convicted. And I was encouraged. To pay attention, listen to the promptings in my spirit and then ACT ON THEM.

That nudge to speak a kind word or give a hug could be an invitation to play a role in someone else’s story, not just be a reader of it.

Like throwing a rock in a body of water, the ripple effect of our actions could spread to places we may never see.

Want to make an impact?  Want to make some waves?  Let’s keep kindness at the ready and throw it around at every turn.  Let’s listen to those promptings in our spirit and move, even if with fear and trembling.  And let’s jump in with both feet.

Because we just never know.


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