Standing in the Gap

Boat Bumpers_Appalach. 2019 2

If these boat fenders could talk.

They’ve traveled through oceans, rivers, and lakes and kept both large and small vessels from becoming damaged or wrecked. Their outward appearance tells that story with scrapes, dents and faded colors. But, they have managed to keep their shape. Fashioned with sustainable form, designed to take the brunt…to absorb the force…while remaining attached to the object they are protecting.

In life, we will be called on to stand between what is precious to us and what is trying to cause harm.

As a mother, I think of all the times I stood in the gap for my children. Even when they were unaware.

Who are you standing in the gap for?

Maybe your child needs you to be their constant advocate. A learning disability or an ongoing health issue will light a fire under a parent.

Maybe you’re in a season of looking out for your aging parents. Sometimes what has become their new normal, is not at all what was intended for them to endure as they grow old.

Maybe you’re counseling a friend in an abusive relationship. Fear has rendered them unable to make good decisions and so you are having to guide them to a safer environment.

Who are you absorbing brute force for, whether they realize it now or not?

Scripture tells us to step in. To shoulder burdens. To do what we can.

Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

But just because it’s scriptural, does not mean that it won’t be hard.

Are you tired? Are you feeling a little beat up? Are you ready for someone else to stand in the gap for you?

Not only does Christ instruct us to bear burdens for one another, but he tells us that He will sustain us. He will give us strength for the job.

Dear one, perhaps this is your purpose for this season.

These boat bumpers are attached with a heavy-duty line made exactly for keeping those fenders attached to the vessel. As a believer in Christ, you are not dangling by a thread. you have the spirit of Christ living right inside of you. Where you go, He goes.

Let’s not forget that when we grow tired in the water, if we will simply roll over on our backs and relax, buoyancy will keep us afloat.

Even as our physical bodies feel the wear of bearing burdens for others, our souls can find rest in the middle of it all.

Maybe today, someone needs reminding that standing in the gap for others can be a privilege. One that will stretch and strengthen us and drive us to our knees in prayer. And that is exactly where we will find what we need for this assignment.


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