Come Sit With Me

It was early December a few years ago.  Tim and I were riding down the road.  I was in the passenger’s seat with pen and paper as we discussed what we wanted to buy our people for Christmas that year.  The issue we were having was that our loved ones basically have everything they need… Continue reading Come Sit With Me


Finding Hope In the Hallway

We've all stood in the proverbial hallway.  Waiting on doors to open.  Not knowing which door to choose.  Putting our hand on the handle only to find that it's locked.  Listening to what's going on behind closed doors, trying to discern if that's our cue to move on or move in. Waiting...waiting...waiting...  Crickets. What do… Continue reading Finding Hope In the Hallway

Be Kind To Yourself

Jesus told a lot of stories using agricultural references to make His points so that people could easily relate. He talked about soil. He talked about planting seeds. He talked about watering. He talked about being rooted. He talked about pruning. He talked about harvesting.   We talk a lot about planting seeds into the… Continue reading Be Kind To Yourself

Passing Through Troubled Waters Without Getting Sea Sick

Have you ever just taken a step back from your life and looked around and thought "what in the world is going on here?" Life is good.  I'm breathing, I'm healthy and I'm blessed. But... Recently, whilst in my own little bubble, doing what I do on a daily basis, I realized that very near… Continue reading Passing Through Troubled Waters Without Getting Sea Sick