Sweet, Sweet Freedom!

“How do you do it?”…”I couldn’t do it!”…”How do you sleep at night?”…"I would never survive that!" I get this all the time.  Usually, from parents, but sometimes from young people.  You see, my son is an active member of the United States Army.  He is in the infantry.  The proverbial boots on the ground. … Continue reading Sweet, Sweet Freedom!


Bring it fall!!

Can you smell that pumpkin flavored latte’ from Starbucks?  That salted caramel scented candle?  Are you digging out your sweats and hoodies in the mornings only to be a hot mess by lunchtime?  By late afternoon, you’re back in flip flops, shorts and tanks!  You’re working up a sweat while you’re cooking dinner, but bring… Continue reading Bring it fall!!